Сибирский цирюльник/시베리아의 이발사 - 제정 러시아 사관임관식 장면

Дата: 01.02.2021 22:03:38 Просмотров: 244613 Длительность: 08:04

Категории: Фильмы и анимация
Сибирский цирюльник/시베리아의 이발사 - 제정 러시아 사관임관식 장면


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Grigoriy Shishmintsev
10.10.2020 17:52:15
Modern Russia took all the worst from its past. From the Soviet era - the dictatorship of one party, the bureaucracy, the state economy, the power of the secret police, censorship, the cold War with the west. From imperial times - religious fanaticism, caste society, imperialism, xenophobia, and a horrendous stratification into rich and poor, balls in St. Petersburg and earthen floors in the provinces. Moreover our leaders sincerely believes that this is all good and right.
09.12.2019 12:35:45
여기서행진할때 나오는행진곡이름알려주세요 아니면링크라도..