Batmobile scenes сut | Batman 1989

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Batmobile scenes сut | Batman 1989


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Angie Natoyn
28.09.2018 20:46:18
So much better looking than the stupid tumbler.
Robot 5000
31.08.2018 21:58:41
I think this is the best Batman because although the Christian Bale ones are also awesome, they copy a lot from this movie. They use this movie as a template in regards to how Batman looks, and moves, and talks, and how Gotham City looks, and the general mood of the movie. Because this is the definitive version. Before this there was nothing but comic books.
Jack Bytes
04.09.2018 20:32:07
Beautiful car.
Mabs Kha
22.09.2018 00:05:13
Classic. No one can beat this version of batman. This car is iconic love it
Allan Grant
25.02.2019 10:36:16
Bring back Michael K for the new Batman beyond movie!! Be wicked to see him as the older retiring Batman ????