Воровской фильм - ПОДСТАВА * Русские боевики 2020 новинки HD 1080P

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Воровской фильм - ПОДСТАВА * Русские боевики 2020 новинки HD 1080P

About the film: Despite all the efforts of Stepan Kruchi and his faithful comrades-in-arms, crime in Bitovo does not want to give up its positions. Stepan only dreams of peace. The lieutenant colonel is faced with hitherto unprecedented crimes in his "area" and old sworn enemies. There is a commotion in the Bitovsky district - all local newspapers and television shout about the noble robber, Robin Hood of the local flood. "Hero" specializes in the murder and robbery of businessmen whose names are tarnished with dirty tricks. He distributes money and valuables stolen from businessmen for charitable purposes. But Stepan Krucha has already seen a lot to believe in this tale. Through the efforts of Kruchi, the “noble robber” reveals his true face: his noble goals are just a cover. It is up to the lieutenant colonel to settle accounts with a gang of car scammers who have crossed the last line of the law - several car owners have been killed. And the sworn enemy of Kruchi - Safon also does not sit idly by. By releasing his son from prison, Safon helps Yegor to open his own business. Only they conduct this business not according to the laws of the market, but according to bandit concepts. But there is even greater power for every force and the new businessman will directly face the “sharks” of this market, who have captured key positions in the 90s. Thus, he will expose not only himself, but also his father. Kruchi and his team of operatives have many things to do - one life is not enough to clear them all. Zeal of Stepan causes ridicule of others and skepticism of Olga. But Krucha will prove that this is not personal scores for Safron, not an attempt to win back for the deceased beloved woman and not the idea of ​​a fix, but a real fight against crime.


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01.05.2020 18:45:10
Продолжение фильма тут !! youtu.be/DJz5nki9xfA
Панкрат Рязанский
01.05.2020 19:09:59
очередное пиздабольство в представлении фильма.А сказать правду... так смотреть не будут
Зиёдулло Рахимов
02.05.2020 08:27:07
Все Российские фильмы на одном сценарии, показывают дебильные менти и тупие бандити, сказка....
Ирина Маркина
02.05.2020 13:17:21
Акмал Гафуров
02.05.2020 00:18:52
Где 2 серия
Павел Серегин
02.05.2020 00:03:41
Где описание? Я не жил за границей!
Buston Leon
01.05.2020 18:37:19
Я 1.????1 мая праздник Весны и труда youtu.be/KHTWXj_nPKY
Олег Ольховский
02.05.2020 02:43:19
Мент в законе